LLC Mosregiongaz will help to purchase aviation fuel at an affordable price with the best delivery conditions. The company is a member of the leading Russian commodity exchanges: the St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange SPbMTSB JSC, the national electronic platform, and also cooperates with the country’s leading fuel producers.

Characteristics of jet fuel

Jet fuel – a type of hydrocarbon fuel, is used to refuel aircraft and other devices. This fuel is relevant for the following engines:

  1. Turboprop – where hot gases after fuel combustion drive the propellers through the gearbox.
  2. Turbofan – with single-stage fans of large radius, consuming a lot of air.
  3. Turbojet – with a compressor that compresses the air and provides the release of energy of combustible material, due to which the turbine rotates.
    It is also used to ensure the operability of small aircraft.

Mosregiongaz LLC supplies the following jet fuel brands:

  • TS-1 – is made from oil with a high sulfur content by its direct distillation and hydrotreating from sulfite and sulfate compounds, it is used for refueling civil and military aircraft;
  • T-1 – is made from oil with a low sulfur content, is produced in very limited quantities and is used in aircraft of outdated models (for example, TU-154);
  • RT is a combustible material from refined kerosene fractions, it is used everywhere not only in Russia but also in other countries, it is able to ensure the operation of supersonic aircraft due to thermo-oxidative and chemical stability;
  • T-8V – purchased exclusively for the needs of the Russian Air Force.
    All types of fuel are checked for anti-wear and antioxidant properties before delivery.

Benefits of working with us

When ordering supplies of jet fuel to LLC Mosregiongaz you get the following advantages:

  • the most favorable terms of delivery;
  • security at all stages of the transaction;
  • full legal support;
  • information and logistics support.

Stages of cooperation

Sending an application for the purchase of aviation fuel by phone +7 (495) 120-33-42 or e-mail

  • Analysis of offers of commodity exchanges, selection of the best offer.
  • Coordination of terms of delivery with the client.
  • Conclusion of an agreement
  • Fuel delivery.

List of required documents

  • Charter.
  • Balance with mark IFTS for the last reporting period.
  • VAT declaration.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Registration certificate.
  • Power of attorney, if the contract is signed by proxy.
  • Orders for signing invoices.
  • Licenses, if any.
  • Filled out supplier card.
  • Documents confirming the organization’s ownership of buildings and facilities.