Mosregiongaz LLC provides diesel fuel supply services throughout Russia. We will provide full support in the search and conclusion of transactions at the leading commodity exchanges: St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange, JSC SPIMEX, national electronic platform

Diesel benefits

Hydrocarbon fuel will be a priority in the energy sector for more than a century, because the growth in the use of diesel fuel is observed all over the world. Analysts note that the supply of raw materials from Russia to Europe is increasing every year, so the sale of fuel oil and diesel will be one of the most profitable branches of trade for a long time to come.

The following main types of diesel fuel are distinguished:

  • winter;
  • summer;
  • arctic;
  • ship;
  • aviation.

The use of diesel fuel

  1. In the internal combustion engines of cars, large special equipment, ships.
  2. As a reserve in boiler rooms in emergency situations.
  3. Electricity generation in remote settlements, workers or shift camps.

We will choose the best offer for you

For more than 10 years we have been providing services for the supply of light and dark petroleum products to different parts of Russia. We also have strong partnerships with the largest producers of raw materials, so that our customers receive the most favorable conditions and prices.

Our managers are professionals with many years of experience in the field of trading. We conduct detailed market analyzes daily, tracking and forecasting all changes. You can be sure of every transaction we offer.

Mosregiongaz LLC will provide transaction support at all its stages: from the search for a profitable offer to the organization of lot delivery.

Work stages

  1. Application by phone +7 (495) 120-33-42 or email
  2. Discussion of delivery volumes and cost.
  3. Approval of a commercial offer.
  4. The conclusion of the contract.
  5. Supply of raw materials.

List of required documents

  • Charter
  • Balance with mark IFTS for the last reporting period.
  • VAT declaration.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Registration certificate.
  • Power of attorney, if the contract is signed by proxy.
  • Orders for signing invoices.
  • Licenses, if any.
  • Filled out supplier card.
  • Documents confirming the organization’s ownership of buildings and facilities.