The company Mosregiongaz strives to make the market for petroleum products as open and transparent as possible.

Brokerage services

To conclude an agreement on the provision of brokerage services, it is necessary to provide the following package of documents certified by the seal of the organization and the signature of the head:

– Charter (latest edition);
– Certificate of PSRN;
– Certificate of TIN;
– Extract from the register – valid for at least 30 days;
– The decision to create a society;
– An order for the head and chief accountant;
– Power of attorney for representatives (if the documents will not be signed by the head and / or chief accountant)
– The balance sheet and the profit and loss statement as of the last reporting date (with a tax mark);
– Customer profile.
For essential terms of the contract for the provision of brokerage services, as well as for the cost of services and for other information, contact:

phone: +7 (495) 120-33-42