Raw materials from polymeric materials are the main component of plastic, polyethylene, reinforcement and other products, without which it is difficult to imagine modern industry. The volume of chemical synthesis of polymers is growing annually, as well as their demand on the Russian and international markets.

Mosregiongaz LLC supplies polymers on the most favorable terms. The company is a member of leading Russian commodity exchanges: St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange SPbMTSB JSC, eOil.ru national electronic platform, which allows delivering raw materials at low prices in large volumes.

Features of polymer raw materials

Polymers are organic, organoelemental or inorganic compounds, which are repeating units of the same type, united by a weak intermolecular bond. The supply of polymers is standardly carried out in granules, which are subsequently processed into a product (car parts, household items, toys, etc.) and in the form of “semi-finished products” (powders, films, plastic sheets).

The following types of polymers are distinguished:

  1. High-pressure linear polyethylene – stretch films, packaging materials for technical and food purposes are made from it.
  2. Polyvinyl chloride – better known to the public as PVC. In synthesized form without additional processing is a powder. After industrial manipulations, the substance becomes hard or soft plastic. PVC consists of window frames, pipes, finishing materials.
  3. Low density polyethylene – medical products and food packaging are made from it.
  4. Low-pressure polyethylene is a standard component of bags from stores.
  5. Polystyrene – comes in the form of transparent balls or cylindrical figures, in hardness it resembles durable glass. Used as protection against radiation, dielectric. Resistant to most acids.
  6. Polypropylene – solid white granules that are processed into packaging materials, hardware items, disposable tableware, pipes, fabrics. Due to its high stability and heat resistance it is used in many areas of production.

Cooperation with LLC Mosregiongaz

Mosregiongaz LLC will supply polymers of any volume. Cooperating with us you get a number of advantages:

  • Transparent management of all transactions, full reporting.
  • Support by experienced traders who constantly monitor the commodity market.
  • Complete legal security.
  • Organization of the supply of raw materials after the conclusion of the transaction.

Transaction Stages

  1. Application for the purchase of polymers.
  2. Search for a profitable supply offer.
  3. Approval of a commercial offer.
  4. The conclusion of the contract.
  5. Delivery of purchased raw materials.

You can get a more detailed consultation by phone +7 (495) 120-33-42 or by contacting us by mail info@mlpg.ru.

List of required documents

  • Charter.
  • Balance with mark IFTS for the last reporting period.
  • VAT declaration.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Registration certificate.
  • Power of attorney, if the contract is signed by proxy.
  • Orders for signing invoices.
  • Licenses, if any.
  • Filled out supplier card.
  • Documents confirming the organization’s ownership of buildings and facilities.