The derivatives market is a popular platform on commodity exchanges for many investors, since trading on the derivatives market does not require fulfillment of obligations at the time of signing the agreement. The transaction can be completed in the deferred period specified in the contract, while the conditions and cost of supply are fixed at the current moment, which is undoubtedly profitable in the context of constant growth in prices for oil products and gas.

The main advantages of operations on the derivatives market of the exchange are:

  • high liquidity of assets;
  • price guarantee due to its fixing in the contract;
  • acceptable warranty coverage;
  • low transaction fees.

We will find the best deals for you

Mosregiongaz LLC will provide full support for transactions in the derivatives market. Our experts constantly monitor offers on the most popular sites, conduct regular analysis of the situation on the commodity market, which allows us to select the best deals for the client.

Derivatives market instruments

The most popular derivatives market contracts are futures, options and forwards.

Futures have the lowest exchange fees and transaction fees. Two-way impulse insurance is available.

Any futures has two main parameters:

  • Date of execution. The time during which the transaction will be completed.
  • Tool. The base product for the sale of which a contract is concluded.

This tool is able to bring good profit without complicated operations. Working with him, the investor receives full risk management, reliable hedging with options, and the ability to comprehensively analyze the market situation and forecasts.

Forwards – reliable transactions for the sale of goods at a set price at the agreed time specified in the contract. A forward contract is binding on both parties. At the time of conclusion of the contract, the price of the base product, the exchange rate, as well as other conditions stipulated and highlighted in the contract, are fixed, and their change after a while will not affect the agreement. For example, if you buy a petroleum product at a price of $ 1 over time, when the cost of a barrel of oil is 3, the investor will also buy oil at 1 US dollar.

Working with us you get:

  • Reliability. We have extensive experience in conducting transactions in the derivatives market, we really assess the situation, conclude the best deals.
  • Individual approach. We select a deal in accordance with all your requirements.
  • Full escort. We provide support after the transaction. The information and logistics center accelerates delivery times as much as possible by developing an optimal delivery route.