Information Transport Logistics

Route optimization is a very important part of working with petroleum products and other goods available in the arsenal of commodity market tools. A well-laid route allows you to minimize the costs associated with transportation, as well as significantly reduce the time of cargo delivery.

Mosregiongaz LLC provides information and logistic support for all types of raw materials throughout Russia and the CIS.

We will provide:

  • unhindered passage of goods through transport hubs of the Russian Federation;
  • search for transport and optimal routes;
  • search for minimum tariffs for the transportation of raw materials;
  • tracking the movement of vehicles along the delivery route.

We will choose the best type of transport and route

When choosing the type of transportation of petroleum products, a number of points should be taken into account, among which: the volume of deliveries, the permissible speed of transportation, the need for heating during discharge.

River and sea transport
Sea and river oil transportation is carried out by tankers and supertankers. The main advantage of this type of delivery is the ability to transport large volumes at a reasonable cost. But, using this delivery method, it is necessary to take into account the low speed of movement of goods and the seasonality of movement along river channels.

Railway transport
The most optimal type of transportation of gas and oil products is railway transport. Special tanks allow you to transport almost any type of raw material year-round throughout the country.

Motor transport
Road transport is used to transport oil and oil products more often over short distances, if it is impossible to use other transport due to time limitations or the distance to the destination of the railway or port. The cost of delivering raw materials by road is slightly higher than other methods. But we must not forget about the advantages – speed of delivery and maneuverability of vehicles.

Pipeline delivery
Oil pipelines, oil pipelines, gas pipelines and pipelines for transporting unconventional goods may also be used for the transportation of petroleum products.

Entrust us with logistics!

Properly delivered logistics allows you to save money and time. We will develop the optimal route at the lowest cost, provide full control of the movement of goods.