Fuel, light and dark petroleum products are delivered via railway by four-axle tanks with a lifting capacity of 60 tons and a boiler capacity of 72.7 m3, calibration type 53a.
The railway is a reliable and all-season way of delivering large volumes of fuel. We supply hydrocarbons (oil, gas and oil products) in steel tank cars. Their inner coating is oil and petrol resistant and meets the requirements of intrinsic safety. This allows us to guarantee the safety of oil transportation by rail.
When selling petroleum products, we carry out pouring into refined tanks, avoiding impurities, therefore, when buying oil and its derivatives from us, you get really high quality fuel.
In addition to delivery in the Russian Federation, we also supply oil for export.
Shipments for EXPORT are considered strictly by APPLICATION!
To buy fuel in bulk with delivery by rail, use the services of our company. Call and order!

We ship by rail from 1 tank:

1. Gas condensate:

  • Art. Obskaya (Obsky), shipment after the 20th day of each month, delivery as a rule to the ZHDC within 3-10 days;
  • Art. Novy Urengoy (Urengoy), shipment after the 20th day of each month, delivery, as a rule, to the ZHDC within 3-10 days;
  • Art. Korotchaevo (GeoTransGas), shipment from any day of every month, delivery, as a rule, to ZHDC within 5-7 days;
  • Art. Evpatoria (Crimean), shipment from any day of each month, delivery, as a rule, to the ZHDC within 2 weeks;
  • Art. Farafontievskaya (Rospan), shipment from the 15th to the 31st day of each month.

Obsky and Novy Urengoy GCs are additionally required from you (a copy of the processing license or a copy of the heating contract for the needs of public boiler houses).

2. GAS: SPBT; PBT; PBA, through the exchange, the exchange ships up to 45 days + time by rail.
Applications for liquefied gas indicating the volume and approximate date of shipment must be sent to logisticians before the 20th day of the current month. Further, within 10 days, the application is subject to agreement with the supplier.

Railway / GAZ / For the calculation and delivery of GAS to the destination station, by railway, you need to:

  1. Copy of the license for the storage and filling of gas;
  2. Name of STS or GDS;
  3. Name and code of the station.
  4. The act of commissioning the STS – is required for LPG. For oil, LPG information on the STS lease agreement (or property), processing or storage.

3. OIL commodity (prepared) or crude, we consider the tariff from 15 to 20 of each month.
From the 25th day of each month, the beginning of the shipment of goods, with delivery by rail.

An example of a preliminary APPLICATION, for calculation:

  1. Name of goods: commodity oil (prepared) or crude.
  2. Volume: 1200 tons
  3. Name of the delivery station: Art. them. Maxim Gorky
  4. Delivery Station Code: 611000
  5. Payer: VolgaOil
  6. Recipient: VolgaOil
  7. Note (wish):
    – sulfur, density, water content, fur content. impurities, chloride salts, paraffins, mercaptan, fractional composition.
    Write down your wishes on the characteristics.