Stable gas condensate

Mosregiongaz LLC provides wholesale gas and oil supply services throughout Russia. We will select the best offers for you and provide full support for transactions on leading commodity exchanges: the St. Petersburg International Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange (JSC SPbMTSB), the national electronic platform We also have long-term contracts with the largest Russian oil and gas companies, which allows us to offer the most favorable conditions to our customers.

Production of gas condensate

Condensate is formed during the transition of a liquid substance into a gaseous one. As a rule, this is facilitated by changes in temperature and pressure. Similar processes occur when drilling wells, which allows for the production of gas condensate in natural gas fields. To obtain a stable formula, the raw material is degassed and purified from impurities. The resulting stable condensate is light yellow or brown.

Scope of stable gas condensate

Gas condensate is rarely used in heating. It is much more efficient to use HC for processing into oil products with other properties. The main component of the condensate is the gasoline fraction, then the kerosene fraction, and as the boiling point of this hydrocarbon rises, the product range expands. When processing condensate receive:

  • high octane gasolines;
  • kerosene of various degrees of purity;
  • diesel products, including oil;
  • rocket fuel;
  • perfumery products;
  • petrochemical products in synthetic rubber plants – plastics, resins, fibers, soot and much more.

The development of scientific technology allows efficient processing of gas condensate.

We provide the best conditions for the purchase of gas condensate

Mosregiongaz LLC has a dealer certificate with the right to work on leading commodity exchanges. We work with futures, forwards, and other derivative financial instruments. Our team of managers conducts regular monitoring of the situation in the raw materials market in order to select the most advantageous offers for you. Legality, reputation, product quality are three pillars on which the company has been successfully working for many years.

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Transaction Stages

  1. Filing an application for the purchase of products.
  2. Search for the best deals for the client.
  3. Signing a contract.
  4. Acquisition of products on an exchange or refinery, shipment of goods with the transfer of TTN to the customer
  5. Control of reception at the place of unloading.

List of required documents

  • Charter.
  • Balance with mark IFTS for the last reporting period.
  • VAT declaration.
  • Certificate of registration.
  • Registration certificate.
  • Power of attorney, if the contract is signed by proxy.
  • Orders for signing invoices.
  • Licenses, if any.
  • Filled out supplier card.
  • Documents confirming the organization’s ownership of buildings and facilities.